Release Date: May 2,2017

Credit Cards Now Accepted at all City of Akron Parking Deck Locations

Mayor Horrigan announced today that all City of Akron parking decks now accept credit card payments, for the convenience of customers and visitors. Until recently, many City of Akron decks were cash-only.

“I am committed to developing policies that make our city services and amenities as accessible and customer-friendly as possible,” Mayor Horrigan said of the announcement. “I hope this development will improve citizens’ experience when they visit our downtown and will encourage them to do so more often.”

The city’s parking deck locations and hours of operation are as follows:

Broadway Deck: 120 S. Broadway 24 hrs, 7 days
Cascade Deck: 10 W. Mill St. 24 hrs, 7 days
CitiCenter Deck: 132 S. High St. 7 AM - 9 PM, Mon - Fri
High/Market Deck: 40 S. High St. 7 AM -11 PM, Mon - Fri
Morley Deck: 177 S. Broadway 24 hrs, 7 days State St.
(O'Neil's) Deck 52 W. State St. 7 AM -11 PM, Mon - Fri
Opportunity Park Deck: 666 S. Broadway 7 AM - 9 PM, Mon - Fri
Akron Centre Deck: 11 W. Mill St. 7 AM -11 PM, Mon - Fri

The city’s current parking rates are provided below:
0-30 minutes: $1
31- 60 minutes: $2
60 minutes +: $2 per hour *
Monday - Thursday, 6 PM through 6 AM: $2 flat rate
Fridays after 6 PM: FREE
Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays: FREE

*daily maximum varies by deck; between $6 and $9 depending on the location
For more information regarding City of Akron parking decks, please contact ABM at (330) 375-2594.