Downtown Construction

Existing and Upcoming Projects 

Route 59: Dart & Rand Ave
Project Timeline: May 2016-August 2018

In preparation for closing the Innerbelt in 2017, improvements must be done now to reroute traffic. The project entails the re­routing and re­purposing of about a mile of the Akron Innerbelt (MLK Jr. Blvd) from W Exchange St through the N Howard St/N Main St intersection. Rand Ave and Dart Ave are to be reconstructed from W Cedar St to W Market St. The Innerbelt work south of W Cedar St is to include the removal of ramps (2) and bridges(2). MLK Jr. Blvd is to be reconstructed through the N Howard St/N Main St intersection, this intersection is to be lowered for improved sight distance. The W Center St bridge between Dart Ave and Rand Ave is to be widened and redecked. W State St Bridge is to be removed. A State St cul­de­sac is to be placed near Dart Ave.

The project also is to include a complete reconstruction of storm drainage system, with some new water main extensions and minor sanitary sewer work. New LED street lighting will be placed along all reconstructed streets and three replacement or new traffic signals will be installed.

Project Timeline: 2018-2019
This project will revitalize the core of Main Street downtown between the limits of Mill Street and Cedar Street.  Improvements will include roadway reconstruction, utility reconstruction, sidewalks, a cycle track, new street lights and traffic signals.  The goal is to enhance all modes of transportation while increasing safety.  In addition this project will include the reconstruction of the State Street bridge between Main Street and Water Street. 

Cedar & Exchange
Project Timeline: September 2016-June 2018

This project is a signalization and road diet project on the east – west arterials Exchange St and Cedar St. All signals within the corridor between S Portage Path and S Broadway St will be upgraded and coordinated. Through lanes will be reduced to two lanes on each street. The remaining pavement will be used for parking lanes and bicycle lanes. Bump outs will be constructed to further define parking lanes and shorten pedestrian crossings.

Akron Children’s Hospital
Project Timeline: March 2017-November 2018

In October 2016, Akron Children’s Hospital announced plans to add 230,000 square feet to the 7 story Considine Professional Building at the Akron campus. Utilizing building principles of lean integrated project delivery, the addition will support care delivery and bring together almost all of Akron Children’s outpatient and subspecialty services.

The Bowery
Project Timeline: Spring 2018-Spring 2019

The Bowery will consist of six (6) buildings to be redeveloped for retail, residential and mixed use space. These buildings will be adapted for modern use, but will keep historic details in order to preserve and celebrate Downtown Akron’s past. The project will help complete Akron’s South Main Street by solidifying it as one of Akron’s most valuable districts for culture, entertainment and residences.

Former City Center Hotel
Project Timeline: Fall 2017-Fall 2018

The former hotel will be converted to 146 market rate apartment units, as well as a restaurant and rooftop bar.

Main/Broadway Interchange
Project Timeline: July 2016-July 2020

This project will reconfigure the I-76/I-77 interchange at S Main St and S Broadway St. Proposed exits include: northbound S Broadway St, northbound S Main St and southbound S Main St. Proposed entrances include: two eastbound at S Main St, and one westbound at S Main St. S Main St will be widened to accommodate two-way traffic between Bartges St and Miller Ave. S Main St will become the main arterial through the area, rather than S Broadway St. S Broadway St will be bisected at I-77/I-76, but remain open to business to the south. S Broadway St to the north will remain open for exiting traffic from I-76/I-77. In addition, the on/off ramps at both Grant St and Wolf Ledges Pky will be eliminated.

Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT)
Project Timeline: 2016-2020

27-foot wide, 6,200 foot long tunnel for Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) storage and conveyance that will satisfy the EPA federally mandated Consent Decree to control Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) from nine existing outfall structures. The project construction will occur in three primary areas;

OCIT-1 near Otto St north of Hickory St and south of Cuyahoga St
OCIT-2 with three sites around W Market St/Glendale Ave/Rand Ave/Dart Ave
OCIT-3 Exchange Street just west of South Main Street.

Freedom Trail
Project Timeline:

Freedom Trail is a paved multi-purpose trail from Downtown Akron to Middlebury Rd. near Kent. Six miles are complete, from Eastwood Ave in Akron to Middlebury Road.
Two miles, from Eastwood Ave to Mill St, at the University of Akron, are currently under construction.

Two connections, from Mill St. to the Towpath near Canal Place in Downtown Akron and another connection from Freedom Trail to the Portage Bike and Hike Trail are in the early planning phases.