About DAP

The Downtown Akron Partnership’s mission is to promote and build a vibrant and valuable Downtown.

Since its inception in 1995, Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP) has been a catalyst for enhancing the Downtown environment. Serving its primary customer – Downtown spenders, anyone who can spend time or money in the Downtown area – Downtown Akron Partnership supports existing community programs, while also developing new, innovative programs designed to create interest in and to attract people to Downtown Akron.

DAP is dedicated to bringing people, activity, business and a thriving civic life to the heart of Akron. Through strategic marketing and management of Downtown's resources, we're working to promote Downtown as a gathering place in the center of our community.

Downtown Akron Partnership's members include property owners, business leaders, government officials, residents and stakeholders who want to improve the image of Downtown as a safe, convenient location for businesses, working professionals and families. The organization manages Downtown resources for the Downtown Akron Special Improvement District (SID) through a contract for services. DAP is governed by a board of directors as diverse as the interests of our city.