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Bridging Urban Places with Green Spaces

Akron is truly a city within a park. The Towpath Trail Bridge (over RT 59) connects downtown Akron to the Towpath Trail and parks, trails and greenways of our region to the north. Downtown employees, residents and visitors can utilize the trail by getting on and off at Lock 1, Lock 2, Lock 3, State St., Bowery & Quaker St., the Towpath Bridge, Beech St. and the Mustill Store.

Towpath users passing through downtown are encouraged to take advantage of the amenities downtown has to offer including numerous dining destinations, entertainment, arts and culture amenities, shopping experiences, relaxing green spaces and historical and architectural gems.

Towpath Trail Connector and Lock 3 renovation
The Towpath Trail connector in Lock 3 is closed during renovation.

To bypass the connector traveling south to north, follow the trail to the left of Lock 2 Park (Akron Children's Hospital Parking Deck will be on your left). Cross W. State St. to Water St., and follow Water St. to W. Bowery. Turn right on W. Bowery and continue east to Quaker St. Follow Quaker St. to the Towpath Trail bridge at Quaker and Ash.

To bypass the connector traveling north to south from the Towpath Bridge, follow Quaker St. to W. Bowery. Turn right on W. Bowery and head west Water St. Turn left onto Water St. and follow it to W. State St. The Towpath Trail continues on the other side of W. State St.

To bypass the area traveling north to south from Main St., follow S. Main St. to W. State St. Turn right onto W. State St. and the Towpath Trail entry will be on your left, just past the W. State St. bridge. 

OR: Follow S. Main St. on the cycletrack to Rosa Parks at Spaghetti Warehouse. Turn right on the cycletrack at Spaghetti Warehouse and follow the track to the Towpath Trailhead behind the restaurant.

Towpath Trail Detour Due to Fireworks
***Towpath Trail closes at Lock 2 during Akron RubberDucks home games with fireworks. Click here for game schedule.***

From the north, take the following detour when the Towpath Trail is closed:
Follow State Street to the east to Main St.
Take Main St. south toward the Towpath Trail connector at Rosa Parks at Spaghetti Warehouse.

From the south, take the Towpath Trail connector to Main St.
Follow Main St. to the north toward State Street.
Take State Street to the west to the Towpath Trail.

Cascade Locks Park

As Akron’s urban park, Cascade Locks Park not only provides green space for downtown patrons, but is also the gateway into a regional network of trails, parks and greenways.

Explore the Cascade Locks Park and follow the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail to learn more.