Release Date: July 12,2018

Eartha Vision has a home in downtown Akron Historic Arts District

Phase four of the Downtown Akron Partnership’s pop-up retail program launched with the opening of Eartha Vision in the Historic Arts District in June. Eartha Vision is a photography studio, darkroom and gallery with space for yoga, photography classes and events.

The Downtown Akron Partnership pop-up retail program began in 2015 and aims to fill vacant property space with local clients in order to promote economic development and the vibrancy of downtown Akron. Since its inception, a total of 32 new businesses opened in the district ranging from store front locations to vendors in the Northside Marketplace. Phase four is supported by Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

Eartha Vision, located at 20 Maiden Lane, is owned and operated by Eartha L. Goodwin. Goodwin’s studio offers dark room rentals, workshops, custom printing and photography services for products and portraits. With more than 20 years of photography and custom printing experience, Goodwin has made pictures all over the United States including San Francisco, Atlanta and Cleveland.

“I was excited about opening a studio in downtown Akron because it wasn’t happening in my basement,” said Goodwin. “Just because prints are old school, doesn’t mean it’s not interesting. This part of Akron pulls me in; this is where my people are,” Goodwin says of the Historic Arts location.

The types of workshops and classes offered at Eartha Vision range from Photography Immersion for Teens teaching how to get the most out of a digital camera, composition, using natural and artificial light, to an on-the-go Press Express that offers 15-minute professional photo sessions for business, musicians, artists, actors and more.

Special events include offerings like Ascension, an art and music festival illuminating the apex of Akron’s Historic Arts District.  Ascension features more than 15 fine artists and 12 hours of several genres of electronic music. The event spans four venues, Eartha Vision, Urban Eats, Musica and Chill Artisan Ice Cream on July 28 from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Admission is $15 with tickets available on Eventbrite.

What Goodwin most looks forward to in being downtown is seeing the products yielded from artists and students.

“It’s fun to put pictures on the wall of my studio,” she said. “It’s my wall to be spontaneous with. I’m not on any gallery map, but the local artists I have in my studio are really in touch with their work.”

Goodwin’s inspiration to start this business comes from the desire to connect people to the process that helps him or her complete a vision.

“Photography connects me to people and the different projects that allow my creative energy to flow. My experience in photo equipment comes from years of using as well as selling,” she said.

Goodwin specializes in shooting intimate moments in diverse lighting scenarios and is a member of Nikon Professionals, using NIKON PRO gear.

Eartha Vision is open Monday-Thursday 12 to 5 p.m., Friday 12 to 7 p.m., Saturday 12:30 to 5 p.m. and Sunday 4 to 7 p.m. The studio is open additional hours for various events and workshops, including yoga. Find Eartha Vision online at and Facebook at @earthavision or @earthalgoodwin.