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Echogen Power Systems

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365 Water Street
Akron, OH
(234) 542-4379

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Meters on Exchange and Water Street


Grid-scale energy storage is now a given, but the dominant battery solution only serves short-term storage needs, leaving a significant long duration storage gap solved only by site-limited solutions, such as pumped hydro.

We have combined our expertise in supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2)-based power cycle technology and components with safe, low-cost, highly-scalable storage media to deliver a superior Electro-thermal energy storage (ETES) — where excess generation and off-peak electricity is converted and stored as heat and is later converted back to electrical power.

We are the world leader in developing sCO2 systems for power generation, which form the core of the ETES system. We were recently awarded a grant from the US Department of Energy ARPA-E DAYS Initiative to further develop the ETES system.

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