HEAD2HEAD, Milan Kecman Solo Exhibition

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  • Fri, Jan 15, 2021 - Sat, Mar 27, 2021

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Artist statement:

Always having an interest in history, I decided to explore some of the faces and personalities of the past and the parallels of their lives. Their lives often touched, interacted, conflicted, or opposed each other as they took divergent or similar paths. Some worked together, in similar professions or endeavors while others competed or opposed each other. In many cases they were two sides of the same story which was ours and theirs. Though the canvas is divided into two equal halves each showing different personalities, my attempt was to create the illusion of one head.

We all live in the here and now, but there were other times and other places (and people). Showing the “alikes” and “opposites” side by side, two heads joined as one because in their time and place they left something that we in this time and place were affected by or remember. Our existence, our deeds connect us all, and who knows in how many ways. Different cultures, different races, philosophies and genders, yet there is a common thread ~ humanity. Or, as I see it, through these paintings the human race, the human face.