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The Smithers Group

Category Professionals

121 S Main St  Get Directions
Suite 300
Akron, OH 44308
(866) 688-0134

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The Smithers Group of companies integrate science, technology and business expertise to add value throughout the life cycles of our clients' products.

Each company specializes in technology-based services ranging from laboratory testing to compliance certification, and employs a roster of talented and respected professionals to serve a diverse mix of niche industries. This niche market strategy fosters stability and longevity and enables the companies to leverage their technical and brand equity to compete effectively on a global basis. While each company has the necessary resources and staff to carry out their mission, they derive value from the increased critical mass and sustainability of the collective organization of The Smithers Group. They benefit from the group through a stronger financial base, solid infrastructure, and economies of scale.

It is the strategy of The Smithers Group and its management to achieve long-term growth in each of the individual business areas, reinforced by an ongoing reinvestment in those businesses. At the same time, the diversified nature of the industries served by our organizations tempers the effects of economic swings in any individual sector, contributing to the overall health and stability of the group.

While each company derives its independence from the technologies employed and the markets served, we share a common vision and philosophy about business, people, ethics, and service.

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