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Akron Honey Company offers Inspiring Natural Products: Men's Personal Care & Urban Honey.  During 2013, Wesley purchased a blighted vacant lot in his West Akron neighborhood, learned how to raise honeybees, and then how to harvest his urban honey in quality driven ways that are extremely rare. After expanding to three formerly vacant lots, Akron Honey Company dove into the world of beauty by creating the world's first transparent Men's Personal Care Production Lab,  which is transparent for a reason: to share everything including processes and ingredients.  


From the Hive to the Lab

Each small batch urban honey jar is stamped with the location of hive and time of harvest, which creates remarkable identity with each batch.


All of the Men's Personal Care items are created directly in front of you. You'll be inspired by Keeper's Salve, their flagship moisturizer for your hands, body & face . 


The hive never felt this good.