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Opening Reception: Melih Meric and Alyssa Lizzini

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Take in the new exhibitions and celebrate with the Artists at our opening reception.

Printmaker Melih Meric’s Border Crossing Patterns

Akron Soul Train Artist-in-Resident Melih Meric presents “Stitched Editions: Exploring the New,” an exhibit bursting with pattern and paper. 

“Stitched Editions: Exploring the New” will be exhibited April 3 - May 11, 2024 in the Burton D. Morgan Gallery in Akron Soul Train. 

Alyssa Lizzini’s “Universe” in the CapSOUL Gallery

In “The Universe Between Here and There,” Alyssa Lizzini explores the interwoven connection between space, time, and memory through large-scale, multi-layer drawings. Lines, grids, maps, and data become the stars, black holes, and supernovae of an ever-expanding universe of memory.

“The Universe Between Here and There” will be exhibited April 3 - May 11, 2024, in the CapSOUL Gallery in Akron Soul Train.