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"My Skin Color is My Superpower" with Althea Jones

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Use your custom skin color paint to make a collage style superhero self portrait! Local artist, Althea Jones is leading a project called "Skin Color" that celebrates peoples skin tones beyond race and class. During art sessions, she matches people's skin colors with paint and talks with them about life and identity. The goal is to match 1000 people in Akron, Ohio over 3-5 years, building community and promoting self-love.

In 2024, with support from Arts Forward and other organizations, Althea's project will focus on the theme "My Skin Color is My Superpower." She'll match the skin tones of over 200 people while hosting classes that encourage participants to explore personal strengths, learn about color, and make their own art. The ultimate goal being to remember how special and important we all are to our community.

This event is presented in partnership with Akron Soul Train.

Limited space is available for this tour and registration is required.