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Akron Postcard Club: Postcard Show & Tell

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The theme for the May meeting of the Akron Postcard Club is “Show & Tell” – all are welcome to show off your own postcards and share the stories that come with them. To accommodate all attendees, we ask that you select a single story to tell and bring a single card or small handful or cards that relate to that story.

What story should you tell? Anything goes! Here are a few prompts to get the creativity flowing:
- What was the card that first made you interested in postcards?
- Do you collect a particular type of postcards?
- Is there a special postcard you received from a friend or family member that you cherish?
- Did you inherit postcards from a family member?
- What postcard reminds you of a special trip?
We can’t wait to hear your stories and peek at your postcards!