How to use the Crowdsource Map

Step 1: Click HERE to access the map

Step 2: Click on “Explore Map” to open the map. Take a moment to move the map around, explore what other community members have posted and orient yourself to the map

Step 3: Adding an item to the map

-Click “Join the Conversation” to contribute
-Sign in as Guest or with an account listed in the prompt and follow the instructions in the window
-Drop a photo in the image window, or click to search for a file (You MUST add a picture to proceed)
-Add a title for your comment or place
-To add a location, you have several options:

  • Click a spot on the map, then move it around to get the exact placement you want
  • Type in a business name or address
  • Click “find on a map” to see if your photo has an embedded location. If you snapped the shot with your smartphone, chances are it does. Make sure the point drops in the correct place. Sometimes they are right on the dot and sometimes they end up a few blocks off.

-Describe your location or photo
-Click “Accept Terms and Submit“
- You will see your comment instantly

If you happen to lose where you are, click the home icon on the map to recenter it.