Release Date: November 3,2020

UA Presents Fall Dance Concert “We Dance On: A Movement Collaboration”

The University of Akron Dance Program to showcase dance through a virtual platform

November 3, 2020, AKRON, OH—The University of Akron (UA) School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration presents “We Dance On: A Movement Collaboration.” The fully-virtual concert will include pre-recorded works and behind-the-scenes footage and will be available to stream via YouTube on Saturday, November 21 at 2:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M.

“We Dance On” will feature works by Dance Program faculty member and UADC Director Rachael K. Palermo, as well as Choreographers’ Workshop student choreographers Lauren Ferster, Lexi Hartung, Hailey Lewis, Lydia Marshall and Chloe Redman. Work by guest choreographer Tyler Ring, from UA’s Dance Institute, will also be presented.

Student choreographer Lexi Hartung’s piece “Who am I(dentity)?” explores themes of self-discovery, identity and values. She reflects that “we as human beings have been able to take a moment to look into our own uniqueness during this pandemic.”

Some of the other student choreographers, including Hailey Lewis and Lydia Marshall, look to the people around them for inspiration and offer their works as dedications to others. Marshall, in her dance film “No Favors,” celebrates empowered women and says that the work is “a dedication to all of the women who have empowered me.” Lewis dedicates her dance “For Devon” to her aunt, who passed away earlier this year. She hopes to illuminate the effects of alcoholism and remind those struggling that “addiction is a hard battle to fight, but you are not fighting it alone.”

The University of Akron Dance Program offers both a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Dance and a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Dance. Students receive extensive training in technique, performance and choreography, which is supported by academic coursework in dance history, pedagogy and physical analysis.

Reservations to stream “We Dance On” are free and can be made at or by contacting the ticket office at or 330-972-7895. For additional information visit or