Release Date: April 3,2019

Summit County Executive launches economic development website; premieres promotional video

Summit County Executive Ilene Shapiro introduced a new website, at, created by the county’s Department of Community and Economic Development. The website is a one-stop information site for business owners looking to relocate or expand their operations in Summit County, site selectors helping clients choose a strategic location, or residents looking for more information about the communities and business environment of Summit County.

“My team is constantly developing creative and innovative ways to retain and grow existing business while also attracting new talent and commerce to Summit County,” said Executive Shapiro. “This website provides convenient access to a wide-range of information related to living and working in Summit County, allowing any interested party to make informed business or personal decisions. This website will further the exciting economic resurgence we are currently seeing throughout Summit County.”
The website is designed to introduce Summit County to economic development stakeholders in and out of the county. It is organized into four primary sections: About Us, The Summit County Advantage, Business Resources and Site Selection. The About Us section provides a general overview of Summit County, including a brief history of Summit County, state and county demographic data, community and major employer profiles, and snapshots of the major industries currently thriving in Summit County.

The Summit County Advantage section makes the case for Summit County as an exceptional place to live, work and play. It outlines the reasons why internationally-known corporations like Goodyear, Bridgestone, and FedEx continue to do business in Summit County, such as access to a talented workforce and a strong business climate, affordable and high quality of life and more.

The Business Resources section details the range of workforce programs, financing options, small business programs, manufacturing assistance and other programs available to business owners from the county and its local and regional economic development partners.  

Finally, the Site Selection section highlights the job hubs, available properties and business and industrial parks in the county.  This section of the website also features the county’s Development Data Hub, which aggregates and displays data such as utilities, zoning, demographic information, incentive zones and much more to aid site selectors who are considering Summit County.

“An important element of the Elevate Greater Akron strategy is the need to improve the economic development programs and offerings to both local businesses and businesses looking to relocate to Northeast Ohio,” said Executive Shapiro.  “I believe the Summit for Success website is a major step forward in outlining all Summit County has to offer to these businesses.”

The website also features a PBS-produced short film about what makes Summit County unique. Last summer, PBS contacted Executive Shapiro to invite the County to participate in their On-Demand program hosted by Rob Lowe. The film outlines the advantages of living, working, and operating a business in Summit County, and includes interviews with Executive Shapiro, Akron Public Schools superintendent David James, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer Richard Kramer, and FedEx Custom Critical president and chief executive officer Virginia Addicott.

The film will debut nationwide, in primetime, on March 28 and 31 on the Fox Business News Network. It will then run for two weeks on various outlets, such as TLC and MSNBC, to markets all over the country including Philadelphia, Dallas, Charlotte, Honolulu, San Diego, Columbus, Las Vegas and many more. The film will reach more than 50 million homes in America.

Visit the website at

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