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Release Date: August 15,2023

METRO RTA Revamps Routes, Debuts New Routes and Fare Capping in Next Phase of Reimagine METRO

August 15, 2023, AKRON, Ohio — METRO RTA “reimagined” its bus network in June of 2023. METRO has made slight changes to routes for the fall and has introduced two new route options for travelers in the region. METRO has also integrated fare capping via the EZfare app, a way to save its passengers money.

Routes 15, 16, 31, and 32 will change slightly beginning Sunday, August 20, to better service riders and create a more efficient service. Route 15 will operate via Inman St., Triplett Blvd., Hammel St., and Wilbeth Rd. in both directions. Route 16 will operate via Euclid Ave., Moon St., and Vernon Odom Blvd. in the outbound direction. Routes 31 & 32 will operate via Front St., Bailey Rd., 2nd St., and Hudson Dr. in both directions. Riders can access route updates and schedules at

Along with the fall schedule change on August 20, METRO will reintroduce the Grocery Bus, a community service that was discontinued in 2020 due to the pandemic. The Grocery Bus will service 30 different apartment buildings, taking residents and public riders alike to Acmes, Giant Eagles, Marcs’, and Dave’s Supermarket in the mornings on weekdays.

METRO also began servicing the Roo Express in a strengthened partnership with The University of Akron on July 31. UA students, faculty, and staff members can continue to ride free with their Zip Card.

Both the Grocery Bus and the Roo Express are available to the general public at regular METRO Direct fares and operate Monday through Friday.

Riders can also save money on their fare by purchasing through the EZfare app. EZfare is enabled with fare capping; a service transit agencies offer to their ridership base to help them save money at the fare box. If each ride is $1.25 and a rider typically buys a single fare 20 times per week, they may have previously spent $25.00 on bus fare. Fare capping automatically upgrades their tickets to a 7-day pass, making sure they never surpass the $15.00 cost of a 7-day bus pass. This is also applicable to working towards the 31-day pass, as well, never spending more than $50 a month for a monthly pass. Passengers without a smartphone can purchase a reloadable card at 631 S. Broadway St in lieu of using the EZfare app.

For more information regarding new service updates and changes, visit

METRO RTA is the public transportation provider in Summit County. METRO enhances the quality of life for our community by providing innovative transportation solutions that are safe, equitable, dependable, cost-effective and customer focused, now and into the future.