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Release Date: July 6,2022

Mayor Horrigan Lifts Curfew in Downtown Akron

Akron, Ohio, July 6, 2022 — This morning, Mayor Horrigan signed the order lifting the curfew in downtown Akron. You can find that order here

Statement from Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan:

“The curfew was put in place due to safety concerns for our downtown corridor and our residents. What I want our residents and community to know, is that we aren’t arresting protestors who choose to peacefully protest. Hundreds of citizens have protested in our community for days without incident, and we support their right to do so. In fact, we will take every step to make sure they can continue to do so safely. Those who were arrested were engaged in criminal behavior. They were becoming violent with officers and disrupting the peace which the community has been urging throughout this difficult time in our city. These individuals do not represent the larger gathering of peaceful protests and we won’t let them control the narrative of our community who are voicing their concerns. I continue to urge peace in our city and ask that if you see threats or instances of violence, that you report them.”