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Release Date: September 27,2022

Local arts organization Curated Storefront and the North Hill CDC are teaming up to throw the pop-up galleries at Quaker Square a farewell party

Akron, Ohio (September 19, 2022) – Quaker Square is best known in Akron as a historic oat factory turned luxury hotel which by the late 1970s had over 40 businesses bustling throughout its halls. For over a decade Quaker Square has remained mostly empty with a few businesses and college students being seen in the building from time to time. This summer Akron arts organization Curated Storefront teamed up with FRONT International: Cleveland’s Contemporary Art Triennial, to activate some of the former shops and restaurants into a series of four art galleries titled Quaker Galleries.

Since the kick-off party in May 2022 and official opening of Quaker Galleries in July 2022, Quaker Square has seen hundreds of visitors, bringing life back to this nostalgic complex that makes up a huge portion of Akron’s history and downtown footprint.

Quaker Galleries’ art exhibits close to the public Sunday, October 2, 2022 but a final farewell “pARTy with a Purpose: Creating Community through the Arts” will be held on Thursday, October 6, 2022 from 5pm to 9pm. The party is being hosted by Curated Storefront and North Hill Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) to encourage communities across greater Akron to come together to celebrate Akron’s history, its communities, and its artists.

NHCDC will be providing small plate food pairings created by culinary art entrepreneurs as part of their North Hill pop-up restaurant NOHI. Crafted cocktails are being created by one of Akron’s own mixologist legends, Aaron Sparks of Mixology 21. Musical performances will be provided at various times throughout the evening from musicians, including saxophonist Justin Tibbs, accompanying DJs.

Tickets are $15 and being sold through Eventbrite and more information about the event can be found on Curated Storefront’s website or through contacting Liz Gage at

About Curated Storefront

Curated Storefront activates storefronts by transforming an unoccupied and uninteresting street edge into vibrant art displays in an effort to combat blight and create an engaging, safe and attractive environment. For the past six years, Curated Storefront has presented engaging artwork in multiple unused spaces, commissioned and employed artists, offered educational outreach programs to better engage the public, and stimulated commercial development.  More information about Curated Storefront and its other exhibits on display throughout the city can be found at or @curatedstorefront.


About North Hill Community Development Corporation

North Hill Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) is a community non-profit serving the North Hill community. The NHCDC fosters community assets such as The Exchange House, People’s Park, The Maker House  & NoHi Pop-Up & Cafe to provide resources that foster economic development, creative placemaking, and social cohesion. The mission of North Hill Community Development is to unite people, places, and programs in stimulating a robust and creative economy in North Hill, while anchoring a flourishing intercultural community that celebrates its vibrant diversity. North Hill Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) serves as a nationally recognized catalyst and CDC partner for the North Hill community, engaging and empowering its members to amplify their diverse voices, share their lived experiences and, together, create the community they dream of. More information can be found at