Release Date: June 8,2021

DFA Welcomes New Accounting and Asset Manager

June 8th, 2021 Akron, OH – The Development Finance Authority of Summit County (DFA) is pleased to announce and welcome Anne-Marie Iris to the new position of Accounting and Asset Manager. Anne-Marie was selected from a number of very strong candidates based on her extensive 16-year background in nonprofit accounting. Additionally, she has an MBA from Sullivan University and an accounting degree from the University of Louisville.

Anne-Marie will focus on budgeting, accounting, audit practices, policies, and procedures for two non-profits managed by DFA - the Development Fund of the Western Reserve (DFWR) and the Western Reserve Community Fund (WRCF).

Rachel Bridenstine, Executive Director and Managing Director of WRCF and DFWR respectively, stated, “Over the past two years WRCF and its lending platforms have grown exponentially. In addition to our two non-profits, there are 14 subsidiary audits to track and manage. Anne-Marie’s experiences provide her with a unique skill set matched to our needs.”

DFA President, Chris Burnham stated, “We’re delighted to have someone with Anne -Marie’s talents join our team. We’re confident she will ensure we continue to manage the finances of our organizations in the prudent manner our Boards and funders expect.”