Release Date: September 17,2019

Akron's longest running comic book store under new ownership in downtown Akron

Rubber City Comics to offer new store hours, comic, toys and records

Rubber City Comics will celebrate 45 years of business in 2020. The shop, located at 74 E Mill St., is under new ownership with Jason Miller. Miller plans to continue bringing full service to the Akron community to maintain the store's legacy. The business is the newest client of the Downtown Akron Partnership (DAP) pop-up retail program supported by Burton D. Morgan Foundation.

"I look forward to taking advantage of all that is around us in downtown Akron," said Miller. "My goal is to forge great partnerships to become a place to visit when in Akron."

Rubber City Comics features comics, graphic novels, supplies, action figures, apparel and other collectibles. The shop also offers a free pull list subscription service. Customers can select desired titles each month to be saved in individual files.

"I want the shop to be a fun place to visit. We're excited to host guest artists regularly, feature Funko Pops and more in addition to the latest comic titles," said Miller.

Rubber City Comics is open on Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. New products, special offers and more can be found on the shop's Facebook page @rubbercitycomics and Twitter @RubbCityComics.

Jason Miller also owns Stuff Genie Emporium in Barberton and Buddah's Auction Works. He is a fully licensed auctioneer.

The Downtown Akron Partnership pop-up retail program began in 2015. Since its inception, a total of 37 new businesses have opened and range from retail and business locations to vendors in the Northside Marketplace. Phase four is supported by Burton D. Morgan Foundation and includes any new business, not only retail storefronts, interested in space available within the Special Improvement District.