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Release Date: October 27,2022

Akron Bicentennial Commission Issues Request for Qualifications for Bicentennial Logo Design

Proposals Due by January 9, 2023

Akron, Ohio, Oct. 27, 2022 —  The Akron Bicentennial Commission, established to oversee the planning and programming surrounding Akron’s 200th anniversary in 2025, has launched an initiative to have a logo created that will appear on all official Akron Bicentennial publications.

“We are excited to open up the application process for a designer or artist hoping to create a logo celebrating Akron’s Bicentennial,” said Summit County Judge Elinore Stormer, Honorary Co-Chair of the Akron Bicentennial Commission. “This logo will be used for a range of marketing material leading up to and during the city’s 200th anniversary and will forever live as a symbol of the City’s Bicentennial Celebration.”

Judge Stormer chairs the Commission’s Marketing Workgroup, which has created a Request for Qualifications that has been approved by the Commission for public dissemination. To see the full Request for Qualifications please click here.

Interested parties have until January 9 to submit their qualifications to the Commission. The process is open to anyone who wishes to apply, but applicants must demonstrate they have experience working with partners in Akron and Summit County. Applicants are asked to submit previous work in diverse sectors, e.g. education, parks, tourism, arts, and other areas of community interest. Individuals, collaboratives, or agencies applying to design the logo are also asked to demonstrate their technical capability to perform the services required.

There is no age restriction for those who wish to apply. Students may submit an application individually or with partners.

A panel of design professionals will then select one or more applicants to submit art during the second phase of the process. One submission will become the official Bicentennial logo. The successful applicant will be awarded $2,500.

“The final artwork that is selected should communicate Akron’s history, values, and vision for the future,” says Dave Lieberth, Executive Secretary of the Bicentennial Commission. “We look forward to seeing submissions from a diverse group of artists and graphic designers.”

The City has made accessibility a priority in this process. The  Marketing Workgroup hopes to receive qualifications from a wide range of applicants. The process is intended to be an opportunity for anyone in Akron to make their mark on the city in a long-lasting way.

In order to apply, applicants should send the required materials via email to before 5pm, January 9, 2023.

Applicants should submit the following:

  • Cover Letter with introduction, professional background, and reason for applying (e.g. experienced or aspiring designer, passion for Akron, interest in the celebration.)
  • Statement of the applicant’s capabilities
  • Statement describing the method that applicant will use to develop the logo.
  • Portfolio. At least three examples of relevant experience. Applicants may submit sketches of a logo, but there is no expectation that applicants must do so to be qualified for the selection.
  • References

Questions and inquiries may be directed to David Lieberth, Executive Secretary, Akron Bicentennial Commission,