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11 Ways to Support Downtown Akron Businesses

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Supporting downtown businesses is essential for building community and strengthening the local economy. Downtown small business owners are our friends, family, and neighbors. Here are 11 easy-to-implement ideas for supporting them:

1. Choose local

It's always best to choose locally owned shops and eateries. Here’s a list of the vast array of downtown Akron businesses. 

2. Support local businesses online

Many downtown shops have options for online shopping, and many downtown restaurants have options for ordering food online—whether through their websites directly or through delivery services such as DoorDash.

3. Choose downtown restaurants for catering orders

Planning on catering a work meeting, lunch, or event? There are several downtown restaurants that cater. Look for the “C” notation on our Food Guide to find your next caterer.

4. Buy gift cards

They make the perfect gift for family, friends, and even future you.

5. Rent a downtown space

The next time you plan a party, presentation, or business meeting, choose to have it in a downtown venue.

6. Leave reviews

If you love a downtown business, tell the internet! Your 5-star reviews can go a long way in encouraging others to patronize the business, too.

7. Tell your friends and family

As above, if you love a downtown business, tell the people in your life. They probably value your opinion, and positive word of mouth can really make a difference for local businesses.

8. Share businesses’ social media posts

Helping downtown businesses spread the word about their goods, services, and promotions is a great way to support them even when funds are tight.

9. Give social media shoutouts to downtown businesses

Take a photo of your food, shopping experience, or other downtown Akron adventure, and post it to your own social media accounts. Be sure to tag the business(es) and use #DowntownAkron!

10. Choose Akron first

While we love our big brother to the north and other cool cities in the area, spending your evenings and weekends enjoying experiences, eateries, and festivals in downtown Akron makes a huge difference, and dispels the myth that there’s nothing to do here.

11. Say thank you

During challenging times, small business owners, like everyone else, can struggle with low morale. Let them know how much you genuinely appreciate them and their business. It doesn’t cost a thing to be sweet.

See our updated traffic advisories and parking information to navigate and park downtown with ease.