Request for Proposals (RFP) QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Q. Are the button and the poster two separate concepts? And can each artist only submit a design for one or the other?

A. The button and poster should be the same concept. The poster just includes extra information. To be considered you must submit both the button and poster. Below are last year’s button and poster as an example.

Q. What are the specifications for the poster (size, information that needs to be included, etc.)?

A. The printed posters are 13"x19". Other requirements for the poster can be found on the bottom of the second page of the RFP, and are listed below:

Requirements for the Poster Design

  • Must incorporate the button art concept
  • Concept must include the following copy:
  • First Night Akron is a program of Downtown Akron Partnership
  • Founding Partners: City of Akron, Akron Beacon Journal,

Q. Can the design for the 2x3 button be horizontal or does it have to be vertical? 

A. The 2x3 button can be vertical or horizontal.

Click here for a PDF document of questions and responses.