3rd Thursday has gone away, but the fun isn't over

With a downtown schedule so packed full of things to do, places to see, shopping, food and entertainment opportunities, we've decided to retire 3rd Thursday because, every day is like a 3rd Thursday plus a lot more. 

We invite you to check out our events calendar for a comprehensive look at what's happening in downtown Akron, plus our shopping, food and entertainment & arts and culture pages for everything you'll need to plan a great day, afternoon or evening in downtown Akron.

For a zoomed-in, souped-up look at what's hot every week, check out our Picture Yourself on Main page.

We'll archive the information on this page for now. We look forward to seeing you downtown!

3rd Thursday is a monthly excursion highlighting arts, culture, cuisine and entertainment in downtown. The goal is to introduce visitors to independent destinations, events and activities that establish downtown Akron as an arts and culture destination every day of the week. Due to circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, 3rd Thursday continues to over a mix of in-person and virtual experiences. 

Check out the 3rd Thursday flyer for a list of restaurants offering dine-in, carry out and delivery services, retail businesses and virtual downtown events you can enjoy. 

For more information about ways to support downtown businesses at this time, click here.

Bonus digital content:

Spotify Playlist: Check out the 3rd Thursday Akron playlist on Spotify featuring all Akron musicians.



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