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Wednesday Night Opinionation Trivia

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A survery-based game that's great for everyone...brainiac or not. Every Wednesday with games at 7pm & 8pm. Gift card prizes for each round! Similar to family feud with a trivia spin to it. A low-stress, high-fun game where your team debates the most popular answers given to survey questions.

There are two rounds with four questions each.
For each question, the host asks your team to come up with the most popular answer to survey questions we’ve asked a nationwide audience.
If you guess the most common answer, you earn 5 points. The next most common answer is worth 4 points, and so on.
At the end of each round, there will be a bonus question where your team will provide multiple answers. Correct responses in this round are worth two points each.
The game ends with two final questions. If you answer the most common answer, you earn 10 points. The second most common is worth 5 points. The third most popular is worth zero points. All other answers lose your team five points.