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The Wintrip Evolution

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Guitarist/Vocalist Chris WINTRIP 50 plus years in the music business has performed in various types of venues such as portraying a tribute to legend Eric Clapton, Clapton Tribute Evolution 12 years running and a multi tribute ZYGRT and is Internationally known for his 70’s Prog band “Brimstone” and LP ‘Paper Winged Dreams, which was honored in ‘97 in the Cleveland HOF My Town exhibit. In the last two years he switched gears and started pursuing a life long dream writing and performing his original Jazz/R&B style music. In September he released a single on

WKM Records “Ruby” which found its way to 24 Radio markets in the US. His latest single “Stellar” will be released on January 24 which will give his new band WINTRIP the opportunity for touring shows.

The WINTRIP Evolution show is a High Energy concert with recognizable hit covers that the audience can sing along with! This unique show takes the category “Smooth Jazz” to a new level!