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Pop-Up Wellness on the Plaza: Beginner's Dance

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Join this free pop-up beginner's dance class on Cascade Plaza with Lynda from A Time to Dance.

6/2: Swing

Easy to learn and lots of fun. Swing is a lively dance that goes to a variety of music styles. Swing is great for beginner dancers and perfect for smaller dance floors.

7/7: Waltz

A slow smooth dance that travels around the dance floor. A great dance for beginners wanting to learn to move gracefully with a partner.

9/1: Cha Cha

A rhythm dance that started in Cuba. Cha Cha is perfect for a variety of music tempos both fast and slower. This playful partner dance is great fun and can be done on smaller dance floors.

Refreshments will be available for purchase at The Shed during and after this class.

Click here for our parking map.

All participants must agree to the Liability Waiver. The waiver can be reviewed here: Liability Waiver and Photo Release

Wellness on the Plaza fitness classes are supported by Downtown Akron Partnership and the Knight Foundation.