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Akron Pickle Fest

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WHAT: A preposterous preponderance of pickled provisions, provocative pleasantries, prominent peddlers, and prodigiously preposterous pastimes awaits all who venture into the realm of Akron Pickle Fest (a co-production of Stray Dog and Oddmall). Dozens of artists and crafters, vendors galore, food trucks filling your face with pickles and other delectable delights to please the most discerning of appetites… There are pickle games, pickle contests, pickle tournaments, pickle parades, and so much more. TODAY WE CELEBRATE ALL THINGS PICKLE!

WHEN: August 13, 2023

WHEN WHEN: Sunday 11am-4pm

WHERE:  Cascade Plaza – 1 West Mill St.  Akron, Ohio

HOW MUCH: What kind of monster would charge an entrance fee to a goosin’ Pickle Festival? We’re all good, dawg. Don’t even trip. Of course, donations are always appreciated… 

HOW: Ok, hear me out. You could drive but how cool would it be if you constructed some sort of gigantic pickle golem in your garage (or maybe your basement but then you’d have all the logistical problems associated with getting it up the stairs) and stood on its shoulder as it sauntered casually onto the scene? Yeah, do that.

HUH: Vendor and Food Truck information is but a click away…

WHY: Pickles are awesome. Akron is awesome. Oddmall is awesome. Stray Dog is awesome. Such a collaboration of awesomeness can only be made whole by the addition of awesome you and all your awesome friends. Make us whole, please. We have mouths to feed and all we have to put in them is a ridiculous amount of pickles.

Stuff to do at Akron Pickle Fest

  • Delicious, delicious pickles and pickle accessories
  • Dozens of Oddmall vendors!
  • Bobbing for Pickles
  • Best Pickle There Is Competition
  • Car Show!
  • Fishing for Pickles
  • Pickle-Eating Contest
  • Greased Pickle Toss
  • Dangling Pickle on a String No-Handed Pickle Eating Contest
  • Way more stuff than that!