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The Operations Assistant of DAP processes and coordinates all public records requests. If the Operations Assistant position is temporarily unfilled, the DAP President/CEO will appoint a designee to provide this function. When a public records request is received the Operations Assistant or designee can proceed one of two ways.  Either they can immediately begin to process the request or they can require the requestor to complete the Public Records Request (see APPENDIX A).  Upon receipt of a written public records request, the Operations Assistant or designee, shall promptly provide a response acknowledging receipt of the request as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. 

The Operations Assistant, designee, and/or board member, in consultation with the appropriate DASID director or board chair, will provide copies of public, non-exempt information.  Reasonable fees may be charged for the time it takes staff to fulfill requests including, but not limited, to, compiling, copying, researching, locating, and/or reviewing public records for exemptions.

If the Operations Assistant or designee receives an unusual request, or the scope of the request is unclear or overly broad, they will consult with the DAP President/CEO and may request additional clarification or narrowing before responding to the request.  If a requestor fails to respond to inquiries for clarification, or any other communication from the Operations Assistant, designee, board member, or DAP President/CEO within 10 business days, the status of the request will be changed to “Non-Responsive Requestor”. Non-responsive requests may be resubmitted.


If the Operations Assistant or designee, redacts, or otherwise denies the public records request, they must provide an explanation for the denial(s). If the initial request was made in writing, the explanation must also be in writing. If portions of the information are public and portions are exempt, the exempt portions may be redacted and the rest must be released. When making information available for public inspection or copying, the Operations Assistant or designee shall notify the requester of any redaction or make the redaction plainly visible. 


Information on all public record requests directed to and processed by the Operations Assistant or designee will be made available upon request.

  • A log of requests for information will be electronically stored and backed up nightly.
  • This log will include the requestor's name, organization, the nature of the request, and date of the request. The status of the request will be updated once processing has begun and is fulfilled.
  • The public records log will be updated with each request received by the Operations Assistant or designee.

A copy of the most recent edition of the Ohio Sunshine Laws manual is available at  for the purposes of keeping employees of the office, and the public, educated as to the office’s obligations under the Ohio Public Records Act, Open Meetings Act, records retention laws, and Personal Information Systems Act.