Evacuation Plan

Downtown Evacuation Traffic Pattern

The City of Akron has developed a method to evacuate the Downtown area. The following traffic patterns are for use during a Downtown evacuation. In the event of an evacuation of the Downtown area, all traffic should exit via the nearest designated route. The following routes are designated as "EVACUATION ROUTES" for each zone and will be staffed by safety forces to facilitate the flow of traffic and people from the Downtown area.

  • Unless otherwise directed by safety forces all traffic will drive on the normal marked side of the roadway
  • Inbound traffic to Downtown will be restricted at various points
  • Traffic will NOT be allowed to "cross-town" and must follow the designated routes out of the zones
  • Citizens are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the nearest designated evacuation route from their Downtown zone

North Zone 

North of Mill St. (east & west)
Mill west from Main to Market or Rt. 59 (innerbelt)
 Mill east from Main to Forge to Market
 Market west or east from Main 
Main north from Market to Howard
Broadway north from Market to Main

Southwest Zone

South of Mill and west of Main
State west from Main to Rt. 59 (innerbelt)
Bowery west to State to Rt. 59 (innerbelt)
Main south from Mill to Bartges
Exchange west from Main (Rt. 59 innerbelt option)

Southeast Zone

South of Mill to Main
Wolf Ledges south from University to Rt. 76/77
Grant south from Exchange to Rt. 76/77
Exchange east from High to Market
Carroll east from Union to Market
Buchtel east from Hill to Market

Evacuation Map
Evacuation Map

Download the Evacuation Plan

Download the Evacuation Map