Downtown Akron Traffic Advisories

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St. Patrick's Day Parade
Saturday, March 11, 12 p.m.
Main St. will be closed between Cedar St. & Bowery St. for the parade beginning at 11:45 a.m. until the completion of the parade.

Other short term closures include:
State St. between Main St. and High St.
Church St. between Main St. and High St.
Bowery St. between Main St. and Water St.

Parking meters will be bagged on Main St. beginning at 6 a.m. After 6 a.m., cars will be towed. Please plan accordingly.

Friday, March 17
All day, beginning at 5 a.m.
Main St. between State St. and University Ave. will be closed for St. Patrick's Day events at the Barley House, 222 S. Main St. all day beginning at 5 a.m.

Kenmore Construction, G. Stephens and the City of Akron continue work along Dart and Rand Avenues. Both lanes on each of the streets have been re-
opened to traffic, but there may be occasional shifting of traffic as work continues to be completed.

***The exit ramp from SR 59 E to Cedar St./Exchange St. has been closed for demolition and re-construction work and is currently planned to be re-opened by March 14. Once this ramp re-opens, the Downtown/Cascade Parking/Market St. exit ramp will become closed, and will remain closed, for approximately 4 months. All traffic will be directed off of SR 59 E at the Cedar St./Exchange St. exit ramp and onto Dart Ave.

The SR 59 W entrance ramp from Rand Ave./W. Cedar St. is planned to remain closed until June 9 for demolition and re-construction. Traffic is to continue south on Rand Ave. to the next entrance ramp which is located south of Vernon Odom Blvd.

This work is being done in preparation for the final removal of SR 59 between W. Exchange St. and W. Market St.

Signage will continue to be provided to help direct traffic through the construction zones throughout the duration of the project.


UPDATE: Main/Howard/Perkins Intersection
As part of the Oak Park Renewal (SR-59) project and the Old Main Sewer Separation project, Kenmore Construction, G. Stephens, H.R. Gray and the City of Akron have closed the intersection of MLK Jr. Blvd. / N. Howard St. / N. Main St. for the relocation of existing utilities and the lowering of the entire intersection.

This area will remain entirely closed until the beginning of May, at which time, it will be re-opened for the north and south bound traffic as remaining work at the east and west sides of the intersection continues to be completed.

This intersection is planned to be fully re-opened to all traffic by early August 2017. For N. Howard St., southbound traffic will be detoured using E. Tallmadge Ave., N. Main St. and E. Market St. Local southbound will be detoured using W. North St. to W. Market St. The northbound traffic will be detoured using E. Market St., Broadway, N. Main St., E. Tallmadge Ave. to N. Howard St.

***For MLK Jr. Blvd. there is an update to the east bound detour route. East bound traffic will be detoured using the Downtown/Cascade Parking/Market St. exit from SR-59 E, Dart Ave., W. Market St., N. Union St. to Perkins St. West bound traffic will continue to be detoured using N. High St., E. Market St. to Rand Ave.

*Access to Furnace Street for the Northside District businesses will remain available from N. Howard, N. Summit and E. North Streets.

***Beginning on March 3, the contractor will be closing the eastbound side of MLK/Perkins between N. High St. and N. Broadway for sewer work. As this work progresses towards S. Summit St., more of the eastbound side of Perkins will need to be closed. Perkins St. traffic will be detoured using N. High St., E. Market St., N. Union St. to Perkins St. Traffic on the westbound side of MLK/Perkins will be maintained, but shifted as needed.

***As the contractor completes the sewer construction across the S. High St./MLK intersection, traffic southbound across the Y-Bridge will be funneled into one lane from 3/3 until 3/10. From approximately 3/17 until 3/24, the same will be in effect for Broadway between E. Market and MLK.

Please remember to drive safely and obey all road construction signs.

Click here to view current Summit County traffic advisories.


City-owned decks and lots

City-owned parking decks:
State Street (O'Neil's) Deck - 55 W. State St.
Akron Centre Deck - 11 W. Mill St.
Broadway Deck - 126 S. Broadway
Cascade Deck - 10 W. Mill St.
City-Center Deck - 132 S. High St.
High/Market Deck - 40 S. High St.
Morley Deck - 177 S. High St.
Opportunity Park Deck - 666 S. Broadway

City-owned parking lots:
Canal Place Lot - 500 S. Main St.
High Street Lot - 71 S. High St.
Main/Bartges Lot - 599 S. Main St.
Main/Buchtel Lot - 219 S. Main St.
Opportunity Park Lot - 666 S. Broadway St.
Glendale Lot - 60 Glendale Ave.