Downtown Akron Traffic Advisories

Monday, November 7 - Until further notice
E. Bartges closure

Beginning Monday, November 7, E. Bartges St. between Main St. and Broadway St. will be closed through September 2017 for roadway construction. The detours will be: Eastbound W. Bartges St.: Main St. to E. Exchange St.
Westbound W. Bartges St: Rhodes Ave. to Thornton St. to S. Broadway St. 
From S. Broadway St.: E. Exchange St. to S. Main St. to Bartges St.

Tree Lighting Ceremony
Friday, November 25, 7 p.m.
Main St. will be closed from State St. to Bowery St. and Bowery St. will be closed from Main St. to Water St.

Welcome Santa Parade
Saturday, November 26, 11 a.m.
Main St. will be closed between Cedar St. and Bowery St. for the parade.

Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel Blasting Information
The Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) is the largest project under the Akron Waterways Renewed! program.

A joint venture between Illinois-based Kenny Construction Co. and Tokyo-based Obayashi Corp. will bore the tunnel, which will be 27 feet in diameter, span a distance of 6,240 feet, will be able to hold 25.6 million gallons of stormwater and sewage during heavy rain events and control nine of the overflows into the Ohio & Erie Canal and Little Cuyahoga River. The $184.1 million bid by the Kenny/Obayashi JV came in below the Engineer's estimate of $252.2 million.

As you may already know, construction has started on the OCIT tunnel and blasting will be required for the project. This notice provides you with an update for the three blasting areas of the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) project: Rack 19 Drop Shaft, OCIT-2 Drop shaft, and OCIT-3 Drop Shaft.

  • Rack 19 Drop Shaft:  Blasting activities at Rack 19 Drop Shaft began on the morning of Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and will continue into 2017.  The Rack 19 Drop Shaft is located at the intersection of Market Street and Dart Street adjacent to the Federal Building.  The blasting activities will be conducted Monday through Friday and will only occur between the hours of 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.  Crews anticipate 1 or 2 blasting events each day, perhaps one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon.
  • OCIT-2 Drop Shaft: Blasting activities could begin as early as November 14, 2016 at the OCIT-2 Drop Shaft.  The OCIT-2 Drop Shaft is located at the intersection of Glendale Avenue and Rand Avenue. 
  • OCIT-3 Drop Shaft:  Blasting activities at the OCIT-3 Drop will probably not take place before the end of the year.  This Drop Shaft is located on West Exchange Street Adjacent to 69 Taps.

The Audible warning protocol which will be produced by a siren or air horn immediately before each blast is as follows:

5 Minutes Prior to the Blast - 5 long whistles
3 Minutes Prior to the Blast - 5 short whistles
1 Minutes Prior to the Blast - 1 long whistles

To learn more about how the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel will be constructed, watch this video: 

Rand & Dart Ave
Through December 2016

As part of the Oak Park Renewal (SR-59) project, Kenmore Construction, G.Stephens and the City of Akron continue work on Dart and Rand Avenues. Traffic on Rand Avenue has been shifted into the right lane and work has begun on the left lane.

On Dart Avenue, traffic has also been shifted into the right lane and access to both Center and Ash Streets has been re-opened. The entrance ramp to SR 59 E from W. Exchange St. has been closed and will remain closed permanently. The detour route for the ramp closure will be Dart Ave. north to the next entrance ramp. The portion of Dart Ave. located between Ash St. and W. Market has also been closed and it will remain closed until the end of November, 2016. The detour route for this section of Dart Ave. will be SR-59 E., N. Main St. to W. Market St.

The exit ramp from SR 59 E to Downtown / W. Market St. continues to be closed and will remain closed through the end of the project. Drivers are being directed to use the Cedar St./Exchange St. exit for access to Downtown. The entrance ramp to SR 59 W from Rand Ave., near W. Center St. is also to remain closed through the end of the project. Drivers are being directed to use the ramp located west of Cedar Street.

This part of the project is currently planned to be completed by the end of December, 2016 and is being done in preparation for the removal of SR 59 between W. Exchange St. and W. Market St. which currently is planned to begin February, 2017. Signage will continue to be provided to help direct traffic through the construction zones throughout the duration of the project.

A detour will be provided using W. Market St., S. Main St. and W. Bowery St. This work is being done in preparation for the removal of SR-59 between W. Exchange
St. and W. Market St. which is currently planned to begin in February, 2017.

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City-owned decks and lots

City-owned parking decks:
State Street (O'Neil's) Deck - 55 W. State St.
Akron Centre Deck - 11 W. Mill St.
Broadway Deck - 126 S. Broadway
Cascade Deck - 10 W. Mill St.
City-Center Deck - 132 S. High St.
High/Market Deck - 40 S. High St.
Morley Deck - 177 S. High St.
Opportunity Park Deck - 666 S. Broadway

City-owned parking lots:
Canal Place Lot - 500 S. Main St.
High Street Lot - 71 S. High St.
Main/Bartges Lot - 599 S. Main St.
Main/Buchtel Lot - 219 S. Main St.
Opportunity Park Lot - 666 S. Broadway St.
Glendale Lot - 60 Glendale Ave.