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I am a self-taught jewelry designer offering an array of handcrafted copper rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I have spent much time, thought, and trial-and-error to perfect my techniques. I am passionate about creating stylish, yet durable jewelry that will last.

Copper metal is unique and underestimated. I love working with this metal because of its versatility ~ you can design copper to fit any outfit and anyone's style. I have always loved the outdoors ~ admiring the unique details that can be found from the crisp autumn leaves to the vibrant spring flowers. The copper tones remind me of the warm autumn colors.

I often use vibrant patinas to reflect the bright colors I see in the spring when the flowers begin to bloom or raw, natural gemstones that reflect the pretty things found on this beautiful earth. My artistic style is elegant with bohemian flair.

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