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I'm self taught (which is a good thing as I have trouble following the rules) using whatever inspires me. Including recycled material, discarded items, beads from a pair of my 80's ear cuffs. And glass. Sheets of glorious, captivating glass. I love cutting it, sorting through it, following the chaos of a break, pairing it with it's companions, allowing my hands and my heart to tell a story. That's my jam!
Each finished piece is one of a kind; designed and created by me. Cut, broken, ground, and foiled by hand in my basement custom-built studio. I revel in an ever growing, enormous collection of glass in all forms. I'm lucky--people give me their broken things. I turn them into something new.
My lilpupper Zit is usually in residence as my foreman. She lets me know when it's time for an outside break.
My subcontractor, AKA supportive husband, has helped design & build multiple parts of my studio in addition to both my traveling pop up booth & my Marketspace.