Electric Pete's E-bikes

331 S Main St    Get Directions 
Akron, OH 44308
(330) 204-5227

HOURS: Wednesday-Sunday, 12-6 p.m.


Batteries + Bicycles= FUN! Electric Pete's is here to let people know all about electric bicycles. Great for street use or for trails.

E-Bike Rentals:
Simple rates are $15 per hour, or $50 for the afternoon with the bike returned by closing time at 6 PM. Longer rental plans can be available as well as deliveries for a group function not near downtown Akron.

The bikes are I-zip Zuma cruisers with a large comfortable seat and bigger balloon tires to absorb bumps along the way. These bikes are pedal assist so you must pedal to activate the motor. A small control panel on the left handlebar shows speed, power level and an LED shows state of charge. Each bike has an Abus chain link lock in a bag so you can secure the bike if you stop for lunch or some other activity. Ten bikes can be available.

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