Butter Your Nuts is a craft nut butter and gourmet flavored nut and seed company that is proudly located in Akron, OH. Butter Your Nuts was an idea that began in 2006, while our founder was vacationing in the Outer Banks, NC. That idea sat in the back of his mind for 9 years and in 2015, it became a reality. 

Butter Your Nuts is not your standard, machine milled "Peanut Butter" you can get at every grocery store. Butter Your Nuts is slow-ground in a stone nut-grinder that is very similar to how olive oil used to be made and also how today's finest chocolate is made. Stone nut grinding is a slow process where heavy granite wheels roll over and smash the nuts against a granite plate until a silky-smooth liquid nut butter is formed. Traditional peanut butter is milled in a machine where stainless steel blades rotate against each other as the nuts are forced through the blades. The creates a great deal of heat and destroys some of the vital nutrients that nuts are best known for. There is also no risk of steel shards getting into the nut butters like that can happen in traditional steel-milled nut butters.  In our production, we only use natural ingredients such as nuts, raw honey, and sea salt.  We add no oils, stablizers, or preservatives. Only the best ingredients go in and only the most perfect natural nut butter comes out. 

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