Cleaning Ambassadors Hours:

Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Cleaning Ambassadors

Cleaning Ambassadors provide cleaning services to Downtown sidewalks five days a week, including removal of litter, graffiti, weed abatement, sidewalk pressure washing and special projects.

Created as a managed approach to enhance Downtown’s physical environment, this program has proven to be an effective way to reduce litter, improve the public's image of Downtown and encourage community involvement in all Downtown events.

Cleaning Ambassadors make a dramatic difference in improving the overall neatness and appearance of the Downtown environment and providing personal, public communication and assistance to Downtown employees, residents and visitors.

Ambassadors offer a wealth of knowledge about Downtown Akron. Always a friendly face, count on the Ambassadors to assist with any Downtown questions.

From property line to curb, Cleaning Ambassadors pick up litter, debris, cigarette butts, etc. from Downtown sidewalks within the Special Improvement District. They removed more than 50,000 gallons of litter and debris from Downtown sidewalks last year. In addition to performing light sidewalk cleaning, Ambassadors also act as greeters for Downtown employees, patrons and visitors, and provide directions and helpful information regarding Downtown amenities and upcoming events.

An All Terrain Litter Vacuum (ATLV) maintains sidewalk debris when weather conditions permit. Ambassadors also collect litter from Downtown sidewalks on foot.

Call 330-374-7612 or email if you see a problem Downtown.

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