Akron-Summit County Public Library
Akron-Summit County Public Library
The Ohio Building
The Ohio Building
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Parking Initiatives

Opportunity Park Deck Replacement

  • Both the original north and south deck required replacement due to structural deterioration.
  • North Deck - a new 1,000-car parking deck was constructed to replace the north deck to serve GOJO. A pedestrian bridge was constructed under High Street to facilitate user movement.
  • South Deck is being demolished and replaced with 350 surface parking spaces.

The Broadway Parking Deck

  • This 680-space parking facility and skywalk located just south of the John S. Knight Center was completed in October of 1996. Primarily the facility services the convention center and the Government District.
  • The City of Akron is currently marketing a 1,500 SF first-floor retail space in the parking deck.

Canal Place Parking

  • The City acquired the buildings surrounding the Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant and constructed an 825-car parking lot to service AES and Canal Place.

Summit County Parking Deck Expansion

  • The County expanded its High Street deck of 700 spaces by adding over 400 new spaces. Façade improvements were also made. A pedestrian bridge was built to connect the parking deck and the Stubbs Justice Center.

Exchange-High Street Off-Street Parking

  • The City acquired land between Cedar, Exchange, High and Maiden Lane and constructed approximately 130 parking spaces for the restaurant and entertainment development in South Stadium Square. The construction costs totaled $200,000.

AES Campus Parking Area

  • The City of Akron assembled 4.2 acres west of the canal across from the AES Business Campus to provide additional parking for the area of approximately 433 spaces.
  • Tell Companies Limited, owners of the AES Campus Building, will reimburse the City for $1.6 million.
  • A pedestrian bridge has been built to connect the parking area and the AES Building.

High-Market Parking Deck

  • A 625-car parking deck to service the north end of Downtown including the Akron-Summit County Public Library is open.

Paul Williams Avenue (Orleans)

  • Improvements to Paul Williams Avenue, which extended the street through to the AES complex parking lot, resulted in additional parking spaces for the businesses on South Main and Exchange streets.